About us

Our company

We are a company born with the purpose of establishing a fair trade between the final consumer and the producers, three Presidentst was born from expoagro a family business founded by Lito Jerezano in Pinalejo Santa Barbara Honduras in the 80s as a pioneer of cardamom in Honduras.

three presidents is created inspired by the history of the town of Pinalejo a unique place in the world, where 3 native children who enjoyed bathing in the river callas became the president of Honduras in his adulthood, unparalleled . that was the inspiration that this beautiful place of Pinalejo has given us and many more as the Jerez Family. that has gone into its mountains and have been able to see the natural beauty and its fertile lands. the founder of three presidents decided to make the company and to be able to reach of any person in the world the fruits of these wonderful and unique lands of Honduras. our main objective is to bring to your table products of the highest quality and unique taste at a truly fair price without intermediaries who have never stepped on a farm and who are unaware of the effort, who have no passion for the beauty of cultivating the land.